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Welcome to Jamaa Resource Initiatives

Jamaa is a Swahili word meaning community. Jamaa Resource Initiatives is thus a civil society organization advocating for communal participation and management of resources from resource rich communities.

We work to explore the idea of self-reliance and community-led and resourced development. Jamaa Resource Initiatives has come into existence by understanding the need to reduce dependence on foreign aid.

The work involves research, focused discussion, and debate on sustainability of development efforts by stakeholders throughout Africa. Jamaa Resource Initiative’s distinctive niche is based on one of the greatest challenges that confront the civil society sector. That of raising adequate resources to support development work.

Jamaa Resource Initiative promotes and facilitates collaborative links within and among communities, individuals, and local businesses to increase efforts in pooling resources together from various local sources.


News & Events

Jamaa Resource Initiatives Hos…

On the 8th may 2016, jamaa Resource Initiatives hosted Ms Dahlia Rockowitz Ms Eva Lerner and Mr GitahiGithukufrom American...

Jamaa Resource Initiatives to …

As a member of the OECD Watch Coordination Committee we intend to participate in the annual Coordination Committee meeting and...

Jamaa Resource initiatives to …

HakiMadini and the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC), We are pleased to invite Jamaa Resource Initiativesu to participate...


A 'Must Watch' Documentary

It exposes the extent to which major oil and gas companies, Woodside and Conoco Phillips, have gone to avoid paying taxes due to Timor Leste and how the Government is now working to recoup these revenues.

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Is the Kenyan Government doing enough to implement CAADP Compact

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